Musician S P Venkatesh says he has never followed anyone for chance

Last Updated: Sun, Mar 03, 2019 11:43 hrs
S P Venkatesh

The story published by a prominent Malayalam daily about the yesteryear hit Sphadikam, directed by Bhadran, has become controversial.

It was said in the article that music director S P Venkatesh approached Bhadran with folded hands for an opportunity to work in the movie. Now Venkatesh has denied ever following anyone for a chance in the movie, as mentioned in the article. 

Says Venkatesh, “I have not followed anyone for Chance until today. I even said to those who encouraged me to give me music for the film by doing only the BGM There are other great music directors in Malayalam..  Thats why I do not understand what they think to write down for a cheap publicity I beg you that anyone who loves me should not believe this news..”