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Mussanje Mathu

Mussanje Mathu
Sudeep, Ramya, Anu Prabhakar, Yethiraj, Meghasri, Ramesh Bhat, Sumithra
Suresh Jain
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Debutant director Mahesh has shown high degree of skill and his concern towards the social issues is clearly evident. He has banked on the emotions, a bit of comedy, good music and cinematography to invite the audience to the theatres.

With some lovely performance from Sudeep, Ramya (Divya Spandana) and Anu Prabhakar the film compels audience to come to theatre to watch 'Mussanje Mathu' (Twilight Talk). There is inspiration for this film from 'Munna Bhai MBBS and Lage Raho Munna Bhai'.

A radio jockey in 'Mussanje Maathu' handling various society related problems obviously draws to the conclusion that this film is inspired from Hindi films. However this is neatly made. The lengthy scenes needed to be pruned. The dialogues are pretty good and lyrics are in top quality.

Pradip (Sudeep) is a radio jockey in 98.3 FM runs a program called 'Mussanje Mathu'. His chat with the people after dusk is very popular as the remedies to social issues are given in a sweet and sensible way by him. In one of the interactions Pradip come in touch with Tanu (Ramya) on air.

Tanu is highly depressed in life because her father has treated her shabbily after her mother's death. The agony in Tanu is solved by Pradip and this turns in to a friendship. In the later reels the darling of masses Pradip falls in love with Tanu but he is not ready to express it.

On the other hand Tanu's friend Shwetha (Anu) with whom she is staying knows about this love affair from the frequent meetings. Tanu express the fear of losing friendship when the issue of love is brought out. She keeps Pradip in highest esteem and she is not daring enough to think of love.

At the same time she is very close and intimate to Pradip. Tanu reaching a standard in life finds her father who is very submissive now and ready to sacrifice his life for her. This is again because of the support of Pradip. The reunite of father and daughter further complicate the life of Pradip.

Tanu announce her marriage to the boy selected by her father and Pradip is dumb struck with this news. Now he is not able to express his love but his friends in the office, his sister and Tanu's friend are all aware of this.

In a dejected atmosphere Pradip seeks an isolated place but the radio channel that is running the popular program for which he is anchoring every evening is not ready to shelve in the middle. Pradip surfaces again to bid good bye to the program explaining his own dejection in life.

The clever friends make the tragic narration of Pradip to go on air. Tanu in the marriage hall and bridegroom listen to this and take the right decision.

Sudeep looking very thin and handsome in this film is excellent. This is the right kind of role for him. Ramya in a sober role looks perfect. In the song sequences she looks gorgeous. Another screen stealer in a short role is Anu Prabhakar. Ramesh Bhat, Sumithra, Yethiraj, Meghasri, Praneshachar, Mandya Ramesh given good support.

Enagali Mundhe Sagu nee bayasiddella sigadhu Balalli, Ninna Nodalentho Mathanadalentho are the best among the six songs of debutant music director V.Sridhar. Sundarnath Suvarna cinematography is pretty good. The outdoor locations are very pleasant to the eyes.

Worth a dekko! Verdict - Above average!


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