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My Fan Ramu

My Fan Ramu
Nikhil K Menon
Rajeev Pillai, Saiju Kurup
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There is a sequence in singer turned director Nikhil K Menon's My Fan Ramu where the controversial “superstar” Santosh Pandit is mocked. But this farce is far below even those films and ridicules the viewers with its hollowness.

Abhiram (Rajeev Pillai) is a superstar, with a huge fan following. His fan Ramu (Saiju Kurup) gets a chance to spend a few days with the superstar, after being selected in some TV show. Ramu, along with friends Kuttan (Bijukkuttan) and Pappan (Guinness Pakru), joins Abhiram and wreaks havoc for the hero. After a while when there is nothing more to say, a murder mystery begins.

A review of this film would require more efforts than the makers of this absurd drama had devoted while writing the script. Saiju Kurup and director Nikhil K Menon, who have been credited with the honour of writing the script, has made it all into a mess.

As the end credits start rolling all you have in mind are some questions. Why this film and how did the scenarists convince a producer to invest on this project? If the duo can write about that, well, it could very well be more interesting than this horrible misadventure.

Rajeev Pillai, all brawn with not a single acting bone in his well-toned body, evokes sympathy when he tries to emote. Saiju Kurup's character of the fan gets more importance than the hero but then that is barely a surprise, as he has written it all by himself! Bijukkuttan and Guinness Pakru continue with their usual antics and the female cast including Malavika Wales and Nishitha have nothing much to do.

It's the first weekend of the year and already a contender for the worst film is here. Let's see during the course of the next twelve months how many more films will be more pathetic than My Fan Ramu!

Verdict: Avoidable


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