Mysskin: Vishal and Prasanna's characters are inspired by Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson!

Last Updated: Fri, May 19, 2017 09:34 hrs

Director Mysskin is confident about his upcoming detective thriller Thupparivalan starring Vishal and Prasanna.

“We have 10 more days of shoot left for Thupparivaalan, I am happy with the way the movie has shaped up so far”, says Mysskin, who also adds that Vishal and Prasanna’s characters have the shades of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson respectively.

But Mysskin clarifies that the film is an inspiration from Sherlock Holmes but not a frame to frame copy. “Everyone gets inspired by something or the other. Mahatma Gandhi was inspired by Harichandra. Likewise, Edgar Allen Poe came up with the first detective story and then came Sherlock Holmes. There is a thin line between inspiration and plagiarism. My story has nothing related to Sherlock Holmes or other detective movies. Thupparivaalan has anecdotes from Subramaniya Bharathi, Mahatma Gandhi, there is love, friendship, and ego”, says Mysskin.

Mysskin calls Vishal as his younger brother that they share a great rapport during the shoot. Produced by Vishal Film Factory, Thupparivalan is slated to release on August 11.

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