Naa Alludu

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Saturday 15 January 2005

Movie Title

Naa Alludu


Vara Mullapudi

Star Cast

NTR, Ramya Krishna, Shriya, Genelia, Suman, Kota

Okay we can understand why Ramya Vamsi accepted Naa Alludu. She was told that she would be playing mother-in-law and be NTR?s heroine! All we can say is that it is terribly irritating film that the young hero should never have done!

NTR has made Naa Alludu so that he can compensate his distributors who lost money on Andhrawala but now they will lose more money as the film lacks any style in way of story or presentation. Nothing not even the glamour of Ramya, Genelia and Shriya could help the film as even the songs of Devi Sri Prasad fail to impress.

Someone should tell NTR to stop doing the same act of making films that are heavily ?inspired? from earlier films of a different era made by his uncle and grandfather. Today?s audiences are exposed to style, technology and innovative presentation rather than the same mothballed story that were a rage decades back.

In a nutshell the story is all about a guy Karthik (NTR) a young educated man who is humiliated by Bhanumathi (Ramya Vamsi) an arrogant rich lady. Karthik vows to teach her a lesson by marrying one of her daughters (Shriya and Genelia). Soon Meghana (Shriya) falls in love with him and Bhanumathi deputes Murugan (NTR) as her security. But in the climax she realizes that Murugan and Karthik are the same person!

This Atta-Alludu upmanship game has been fully exploited by Telugu cinema over the years. There is no juice left to extract from this banal story and situations. The director Vara Mullapudi has nothing new to add not even a twist in the end. The first half is tolerable due to the comedy and dancing abilities of NTR. The second half slides down the slippery slope of half baked melodrama.

But of you are looking for entertainment without any sense of logic packaged with crude jokes and double meaning dialogues you may like it, but the censors have cut a good part of it! Alas Naa Alludu isn?t sinfully exciting enough!

Verdict: Below Average

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