Naaigal Jaakirathai- Dogs Are Man's Best Friend

Last Updated: Thu, Nov 20, 2014 10:11 hrs

Bond between dogs and humans are always special and many film makers across the globe have registered this magical relationship in celluloid.  Dogs have been featured in films since silent movie days. As they say, dog is man's best friend, so it will have a connect with the audiences. Unlike other animals, canines can be easily trained, and can act in films. 

In the 70's & 80's in the title card of Tamil and Hindi films used to mention the dog trainer's name! As Sibiraj’s Naaigal Jaakirathai is all set to be released by this weekend, we dug in some of the films which portrayed the bond between dog and protagonist in detail, to our surprise many of them are celebrated as classics.

Though number of Hollywood films has portrayed about dogs and their fun side, Marley and Me, starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston finds a special place among critics. Marley and Me is basically tells us a story on how a columnist gets fame by writing about his own dog and how his entire family are developing a close rapport with it. Who can forget the role played by dogs in films like 101 Dalmations, Lassie, Bolt and hundreds of others.

Coming to Tamil films, we had film makers who used to develop characterizations for dogs and included them for fun and emotional quotient in their movies.  Sando Chinnappa Thevar, a veteran producer and director is mainly known for making films with animals and his film ‘Thai Meethu Aanai’ starring Superstar Rajinikanth has a dog named ‘Ramu’ which is portrayed as a friend to help Rajini’s revenge mission against the villain. Another film maker, Rama Narayanan has used dog as an important character in his films.

In Anbe Sivam, Kamal’s character is very aesthetic that he adopts a dog which caused accident and brought in heavy damage to his life.  Apparently, Kamal consider the dog as his own son in the film. The scene where Madhavan came to know that ‘Sangu’ is not Kamal’s real son but a dog is easily one of best emotional moments in the film.

Similar to Anbe Sivam, Sridevi’s bond with the ‘Subramani’ dog in Moondram Pirai is a cute factor in the emotionally driven film.  In 2014 Malayalam comedy film Ring Master has also portrayed the beautiful bond between Dilip and a dog named Diana.

Bollywood is not far behind when it comes to dogs playing important roles. Who can forget the white furry Pomeranian dog Tuffy, in Hum Apke Hain Kaun who doesn't only umpire a cricket match, but actually plays a pivotal role in giving a happy ending to the love story of the protogonists. Teri Meherbaniyan, Bol radha bol and Maa are few films in the past which set the cast registers ringing. Recently Akshay Kumar made money at the box-office with a dog for company in It’s Entertainment.

We hope that Naaigal Jaakirathai  will also join the above mentioned successful films and word is that the film has beautifully portrayed the bond between Sibi and a Belgian shepherd dog, Idoh.

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