Naan Avanillai

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Friday 20 April 2007

Movie Title

Naan Avanillai



Star Cast

Jeevan, Sneha, Malavika, Namitha. Jyothirmayi, Keerthi

Time for some sentimental rewind, as the first acknowledged remake of an earlier Tamil film Naan Avanillai hits the screen. The 2007 version of Selva is technically far superior to the 1976 movie made by KB, but the modern remake lacks the bite of the original .Still it is worth a look, for its racy narration.

The film opens with Annamalai (Jeevan), a village simpleton being arrested and produced before a court on charges of making tall claims and marrying unsuspecting gullible women and later cheating them and running away with their money or jewels! The Judge (Lakshmi) listens in the crowded courtroom as Priya (Malavika), Ammu Kutty (Jyothirmayi), Radha (Keerthi Chawla) and Monica (Namitha), say that he sweet-talked them and later married and conned them. For each of his victim, he had a different name, look and profession.

The judge?s daughter Anjali (Sneha) who had also been tricked into parting with some cash by the con man takes a fascination for him as the case progresses. Meanwhile the police officer (Raj Kapoor) investigating the case finds out that he is none other than Joseph Fernandez, an intelligent student who due to bad influences takes the easy way out by becoming a fraud and trickster. To all the charges against him the cool, smooth talking and confident Annamalai has only one constant answer-Naan Avanillai! (I?am not him).

The film basically works due to Jeevan?s riveting con man act, and the bad boy image he has in his earlier films. He is there throughout the film along with his glamour girls, who provide enough skin show. U.K Senthil Kumar?s camera, and Suresh Urs editing along with Pattukotai Prabhakaran?s crisp dialogues, are some of the high points in the film. On the downside there are far too many songs by Vijay Antony which acts as a speed breaker to the racy narration and almost all of them are picturised in a glamorous way.

But nevertheless it is good fun and will appeal to a broad spectrum of audiences. Jeevan?s cool dude Casanova act and overall packaging of Selva, gives it a chic look.

Verdict- Time Pass

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