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Naan Rajavaga Pogiren

Naan Rajavaga Pogiren
Prithvi Rajkumar
Nakul, Chandni, Avani Modi
GV Prakash Kumar
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Director Pritvi Rajkumar’s taking a cue from his guru Vetrimaran, has attempted to make an action film with Nakul and works hard to make each scene and character sufficiently gritty and cool. But he has packaged and jazzed up the premise with high-octane stunts, romance, drama, a message, preachy dialogues, memory loss and an item song.

Raja (Nakul) is a kick boxer, a happy-go-lucky guy who falls madly in love with Valli (Chandni) who is a law student. She is into a lot of social causes and assists Kamaraj (Manivannan) who is fighting a losing battle against a thug Isaikimuthu who is into genetically modified crops which is a slow killer and destroys soil and hence affects the agricultural land!

Valli along with her senior (Kasturi) tries to re-open Kamaraj’s suicide case and has evidence to prove that it was a murder, she is on the run. No, our macho hero turns her savior and tried hard to protect her. There is Reema (Avani Modi) and Wahab, friends of Raja who helps him. How Raja fights all the goons single-handedly and triumphs forms the story.

Among the positives, the director brings in a character Jeeva (Nakul) who lives in Himachal Pradesh, speaks Hindi and his link with Raja, which forms the suspense. Except for the songs and that unwarranted item song (Zarine Khan) the film is fast paced. GV Prakash’s songs are hummable and is a major plus for the film.

On the downside, the charming Nakul with his boyish looks tries hard to infuse energy into the enterprise but cant carry such a heavy action role with conviction. The two girls Chandni and Avani have pretty decent roles but lacks screen presence.

On the whole, it is well-worn, formulaic fare that might appeal to viewers who find comfort in the familiar. If you have time go for it, as it is not entirely unwatchable

verdict: Average


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