Naga Shaurya busy 'rechecking' scripts!

Last Updated: Wed, Sep 05, 2018 14:30 hrs
Naga Shaurya

Naga Shaurya received the biggest jolt of his career in the form of Narthanasala. He thought of repeating the same success that his production house did with Chalo, but the film has trashed his image. Hits or flops common to any actor but if he fails to bring in minimum openings then trade doesn’t treat him as a star. Naga Shaurya has failed to bring in bare minimum openings with this.

The industry is abuzz that he has already begun rechecking the scripts that he had okayed. Before the release of this movie, Naga Shaurya boasted with pride that his next four films would be directed by newcomers and he claimed that they are perfect scripts. But now he has turned cautious, wants to make sure that the scripts that he had already okayed should not have any “issues”.

Naga Shaurya will be turning slow in terms of releases as well. He has already released three movies this year and all of them bombed at the box-office.