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Nagaraja Chozhan MA MLA

Nagaraja Chozhan MA MLA
Satyaraj, Manivannan, Reghu Manivannan
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The 1990ís team of Sathyaraj and director Manivannan are back with Amaithipadai sequel titled Nagaraja Chozhan MA MLA. The idea is to make a political satire with punchline dialogues mixed with commercial elements.

Nagaraja Chozhan MA MLA just does not take off and crash lands due to its weak script and presentation. The film has no basic script as incidents which form news headlines are put together with Sathyarajís punchlines and Manivannanís acerbic asides. Sathyarajís laid back humour and his style is the only saving grace of otherwise an insipid film.

Nagaraja Chozhan (Sathyaraj) is a ruthless and cunning politician who uses all the dirty tricks to become deputy chief minister. His trusted assistant Mani (Manivannan) is his constant companion who knows all his dirty deals. Chozhan only son (Reghu Manivannan) is sent to Delhi by dad to understand the central politics better. Meanwhile Chozhan by his political machinations become chief minister and also becomes even more corrupt. He wants to sell forest land belonging to tribalís led by a lorry driver (Seeman) and the CBI (Sathyaraj in dual role) is after him.

The film is etched from newspaper headlines and all kinds of scams and political high handedness are part of the plot. Sathyaraj and Manivannan go berserk taking digs at the present political scenario from power cuts to freebies and the plight of opposition leader Vijaykanth.

All this packaging cannot go beyond permissible limits, as producers are looking for a U censor certificate that will make them eligible for entertainment tax exemption! This sequel is nowhere near the original and loses its steam post interval with too many sub-plots and repetitive scenes.

Verdict Ė Big Bore


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