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Nam Duniya Nam Style

Nam Duniya Nam Style
Preetham Gubbi
Vinayak Joshi, Sunil Nagappa, Likith Shetty, Kavya Shetty
Shaan Rahman
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Nam Duniya Nam Style, as the title suggests, is a youth-oriented movie, particularly their love life. Director Preetham Gubbi has selected a completely new star cast, some of them debutants, for this movie, which holds a lot of promise. The director, who specializes in directing romantic movies, does not disappoint though he has to work with new faces.

In terms of the movie plot, there is nothing new, but there are three sub-plots, which make Nam Duniya Nam Style an interesting project. The director has a penchant for naming the protagonist as Preetham. In this movie too, one of the three male stars is called Preetham, who falls in love with Maya. But circumstances prompt Maya to relocate to Malaysia. Preetham follows her to Malaysia along with his friends, who too fall in love in that country.

The treatment of the story is neat and the director has given adequate screen presence to all the important youth characters in the movie. The story is clearly focused on the youths, but the presence of senior actors, such as, Sadhu Kokila and Rangayana Raghu, adds value to the story.

The movie is top class in terms of production values, editing, film-making style and packaging. May be the presence of 2 established actors would have enhanced the star value of the movie. Music by Shaan Rahman complements the story. The only drawback of the movie is the slow pace of the story, particularly in certain sections, where dialogue appears repetitive and dull.

Acting wise, all the new-comers are impressive. Among them, Sunil Nagappa and Kavya Shetty show tremendous promise. It looks like Preetham has worked hard to extract work out of the rest of the stars. Nam Duniya Nam Style has certainly contributed promising stars to Sandalwood.

Verdict: Average


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