Nani files a defamation case on Sri Reddy

Last Updated: Tue, Jun 12, 2018 10:27 hrs

After making wild allegations about a few actors, directors and producers, actress Sri Reddy has turned her attention to Nani. The actress posed some "explicit" questions to the Krishnarjuna Yudham star and indulged in heavy mudslinging.

Enough has been enough for Nani and he tweeted, "Patience is the limit". The actor said that he has sent a legal notice to Sri Reddy and has filed a defamation case on her. The actor also said that this is very disturbing not for him but also for the society that we are living in.

This filth will not be encouraged he added by reacting to it. He even said that few people who want to publish all the crap that Sri Reddy is writing should have some shame. This will be his last comment on this entire episode, the actor concluded.

His Lawyers asked Sri Reddy aka Vimala to respond to the legal notices in City Civil Court in Hyderabad within seven days, or punitive action will be taken.

Sri Reddy shot to fame by revealing some facts about casting couch in Tollywood. Initially, she got sympathy and everyone stood by her but soon her mud-slinging and attention-seeking attitude has been exposed. Except that she revealed intimate photos of Suresh Babu's Abhiram, all her allegations have so far no backing of proof.

In the case of Nani, she has started posting filthy allegations when his name as the new host of Bigg Boss came out. She tried to enter into the Bigg Boss Season 2 as a contestant but when it was clear that she will not been taken she upped the allegations. She openly accused that Nani was behind the reason of her not being taken in the show. Not only that she made further allegations that he had a relationship with her.

Nani kept silent all through but when she started writing in objectionable and explicit manner, he snapped legal notices.

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