'Naragasooran' Trailer: A twisty thriller heads our way!

Last Updated: Wed, Aug 01, 2018 18:28 hrs
'Naragasooran' to release on August 31

Director Karthick Naren’s much-talked about and highly anticipated Naragasooran is nearing release. And we got a taste of what’s to come now that the trailer is out. Starring Arvind Swamy and Shriya Saran in the lead, the second movie from the ace newcomer promises to be as windy & twisty as the scenic Ghat section roads that it features prominently in all its lush, misty, enveloping greenness.

Unlike most trailers of today, this one plays its cards close to the chest. We can’t really make out what the story is about but we do get a deep sense of mystery. However, we can’t tell if this is a horror thriller, a mythological thriller or, a whodunit. But our bet is on fantasy-thriller considering the film is named after the demon King that Lord Krishna slayed.

The film also stars Sundeep Kishan, Indrajith Sukumaran and Aathmika. Personally, we’re kicked to see Shriya Saran back on the big screen. As for Arvind Swamy, he’s been making some amazing choices film wise and we can’t wait to see him in this one.

Naragasooran ran into trouble over its funding and release. It all came to light when Director Karthick Naren tweeted his disappointment with producer Gautham Menon. In response, Gautham Menon asked the director to ‘grow a pair’. To which Naren replied directly: “While everybody advised against it I had the pair to trust you & collaborate sir. In return we were treated like trash & made to invest on our own. I think its better to whine & confront instead of running away. Please don’t do this to any other young filmmaker sir. It hurts!”

Naren alleged that Gautham Menon used his film as bait to draw funding for his own productions. And so inevitably, salaries weren’t paid and the release was postponed. Menon however, countered saying that he was merely waiting for the right time to ensure release. And it looks like the time has arrived. Karthick Naren’s first outing, Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru was a Superhit. Going by that yardstick, we’re in for a ride.

The music featured on the trailer by Ron Ethan Yohann sets a gripping, pacey mood. If only August 31 would arrive just as quick!