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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Tuesday 24 August 2004

Movie Title



Shaji Kailas

Star Cast

Mohanlal, Meena, Nayantara, Ranjith

The jaded formula gets a shot in the arm with Natturajavu. It is a cracker of a movie post-interval as the script races along with a riveting performance by Mohanlal who plays the role of a do-gooder who has to bear the brunt of his evil, no good and villainous late father?s wicked legacy.

The character Mohanlal plays Pultikattil Charly is extraordinary and he is able to manipulate the audience with his wit and melancholy as he tries to come out of his father?s villainous misdeeds. Just how does this actor infuse so much life into his characters? Pulikattil Charly (Mohanlal) is a happy go lucky guy who spends most of his time trying to sort out the mess left behind by his late father Pultikattil Mathan (Ramraj) an absolutely nasty and villainous character for whom nobody has a good word.

Charly tries his best to live down the image left behind by his father with the help of his mother (Kaviyoor Ponnamma), grandmother (KPAC Lalitha) and his adopted sister Katrina (Nayantara). His younger brother Samuel (Sarath) had committed suicide after Mathan had harassed him many times, and his wife Rosy (Suja Karthka) is now living in Charley?s house with her child.

If personal problems are not enough, Mathan had also left behind some powerful enemies like Karnan (Ranjith) whose family had been wiped out by him. Charly?s best friend Manian (Kalabhavan Mani) has also an axe to grind against the late Mathan. Actually Mathan was killed by Karnan who is still in jail. Charly has married Karnan?s sister Maya (Meena) to get some peace but when he comes out of jail Karnan vows to take revenge on Charly?s happy family. All this leads to a stunning climax.

Director Shaji Kailas and his script writer T.A.Shaheed has made a decent family entertainer packed with heavy dose of sentiments, songs and melodrama. The highlight of the film is the last 20 minutes which is laced with punchy dialogues and power-packed performance of Mohanlal. The character of Charly has been well etched out in comparison to his evil dad by Shaheed.

Mohanlal?s heartbreaking act where all the emotions and angst of the character are brought out is what makes the film worth a watch. The supporting cast of Ramraj as Charly?s father and Ranjith as Karnan are excellent while Meena as wife and Nayantara as sister are adequate. The songs are mediocre.

If further proof is required that Mohanlal is India?s finest living actor, go ahead and watch Natturajavu.

Verdict: Good

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