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Nayak review

V V Vinayak
Ram Charan, Kajal Agarwal, Amala Paul, Pradeep Rawat, Brahmanandam
Danayya DVV
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Cherry (Ram Charan), a jolly good youngster in Hyderabad, meets an underworld don`s sister (Kajal) and falls for her beauty.

He meets her through his uncle Jilebi (Brahmanandam). Cherry impresses the Don (Rahul Dev) with his sweet talk, hence Don allows Cherry to mingle with his sister. Later, the don realizes that his sister is romancing the youngster.

The angered don goes to beat Cherry up and there he sees the youngster killing Director General of Police of West Bengal in daylight. It is revealed that it was not Cherry who killed the DGP, but his look alike called Nayak from Kolkota. The rest of the movie focuses on this Nayak and his story.

Director V V Vinayak who is known for making mass masala entertainers has packaged this film in a routine manner. Not a single scene is new.

And the story prepared by Akula Shiva is sort of a kichidi made from many successful films from Vinayak`s very own Tagore, Lakshmi, Krishna and Adhurs, to Shankar's Sivaji, to Rajamouli's Simhadri and Chatrapathi. Scenes from innumerable other super hit movies are also used.

The director has heavily relied on Ram Charan`s dancing abilities (he dances superbly in the songs) and comedy by Jayaprakash Reddy and Posani than the story or screenplay.

To be fair to Vinayak, he has dished out the routine screenplay but somehow manages to retain the interest with able help from comedians.

First half of the movie is handled in better way but the movie completely goes haywire post interval. Thanks to Jayaprakash Reddy, the penultimate scenes provide good laughter.

The major plus points of the movie are Ram Charan's superb dances, songs shot on picturesque locations (Scotland) and comedy here and there.

Ram Charan has played two different roles in the movie. Both the heroines - Kajal and Amala Paul - are restricted to songs. They hardly have three scenes each, apart from the songs.

Brahmanandam appears as Jilebi and evokes some laughter. But it is Jayaprakash Reddy`s excellent comedy that steals the show. M S Narayana, Pradeep Rawat, Rahul Dev, and Ashish Vidyarthi are okay.

Although writer Siva rehashed the old films, he has come up with good dialogues. Taman`s songs are catchy. And the songs are filmed in most beautiful locations.

Cinematographer Chota K Naidu's eye-catching visuals in songs should be appreciated in particular.

Agreed that hero-centric action entertainers hardly present novelty, but the senior director Vinayak has not tried to incorporate his mark or show his creativity even in one scene.

Nayak, a regular commercial potboiler, starts off as a regular mass movie and ends up the same way. Nayak team should have concentrated on the story more. Cherry is a good dancer and he proves it again. A rehashed film that can be watched once.

Rating: 3/5


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