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Last Updated: Fri, Dec 05, 2008 16:35 hrs

Kollywood's most gorgeous joined us for a special chat, which also included a belated celebration of her birthday. We bring you the chat in full as the actress meets her fans!

kundermanoj08 asks nayanthara the secret of ur beauty
Nayanthara says Nothing much...just keeping a clean face.

dineshkgf asks which is your favourate movie in which you have acted
Nayanthara says Billa and Yaradi Nee Mohini

loveu.dear asks Difference B/w Ajith and Vijay???
Nayanthara says Vijay is a friend and Ajith is a very good co-star

vis_boom_anand asks hie nayanthara who s ur favourite actress n tamil
Nayanthara says Simran

chitrha02 asks Hai Nayan! You r looking so beautiful and slim. How r u maintaining ur figure?
Nayanthara says Diet. Workout.

vis_boom_anand asks hi nayanthara who is ur favourite actor in tamil
Nayanthara says Rajini Sir

tonikroos asks hi nayanthara,what is your favorite vijay sir's movie?
Nayanthara says Pokiri

loveu.dear asks Any plan to acted again in sarees, (Homely Character) like Ayya??
Nayanthara says If I get a good movie like that, I would

tonikroos asks hello nayanthara,tell something about villu?
Nayanthara says It's gonna be an entertainer

tonikroos asks hello nayanthara,who is your favorite actor apart frm superstar?
Nayanthara says Vijay

deepak2k77 asks What's ur fauvorite pass time?
Nayanthara says Watching a movie

tonikroos asks hi nayanthara, is villu is shaping up well?
Nayanthara says Yeah

smsme asks what other occupation u would hav taken up if u did not come 4 acting
Nayanthara says I would've become a chartered accountant

parikshit_vaid asks Do have any plan in future to act in Hindi films?Do you think u can be a big hit even there?
Nayanthara says I don't have any plans to act in Hindi films

r8step asks Hi Nayantara! what are ur current projects? when you are entering Bollywood? Any plan to act with Kamal? Aiming to do any award winning roles?
Nayanthara says Current projects only's due to release. No plans on entering B'wood. When a good movie comes up, I'll take it up.

r.sri asks hi nayanthara, i would like to date u... whts ur reply??
Nayanthara says Maybe...

jjchander asks How did you transfered your fatty body to very slim and cute??
Nayanthara says Diet & workout

nag563 asks you're gorgeous!
Nayanthara says Thank you

small_f asks what r ur interests
Nayanthara says Watching a lot of movies

talk2pravin asks hi, how do you differentiate yourself as an actress and a normal woman. After mrrige how do you think the life of yours will be. please answer this question
Nayanthara says I'm a normal girl. How would I know life is after marriage?

drsenar asks why u r not signing many films nowadays?i like to see u more in films.u were really gorgeous in aegan
Nayanthara says The projects need to come...

asks hi nayan ur the queen of kollywood after Billa. will act with ajith again? both of u have a tremendous on-screen chemistry..pls comment on ajith
Nayanthara says Yeah, I did one right...Aegan

asks what is ur hobby apart from ur profession? what u speak at home? telegu/tamil/hindi?
Nayanthara says Watching movies. And I speak Malayalam

pawan130 asks Hi nayanthara..... how ru?how u feel being a celebrity? dont u feel sad loosing ur freedom ?
Nayanthara says I feel very good to be a celebrity

drsivkum asks hi nayan,iam a big fan of u.r u doing any new telugu films?love to see u opposite kamal sir too.
Nayanthara says I might do one next year. I'll star opposite Kamal if a movie comes up.

Rajesh_sn2k6 asks What's ur future projects in tamil
Nayanthara says Villu which is due for release and a movie with Surya and K S Ravikumar as Director

asks happy belated birthday nayan..anyway do mind to tell how old are u? i know its a difficult question..
Nayanthara says 23

pawan130 asks how ru doing? i m frm jodhpur....have u came here eveR?
Nayanthara says No

desmondrajh asks which movie is ur career's biggest hit? hw u take the criticism?
Nayanthara says Billa's not only my career best, it changed the course of my career. I take fair criticism.

torontoprince asks how come your still single?
Nayanthara says Why can't I be single?

lokesh2689 asks Hi Mam.. Belated Birthday Wishes! I Wish U get many scripts in the future that helps U to portray Ur acting skills. V r always there for U Mam.. Our entire gang s Ur fan. Ur acting in E was grt.. B Safe.. Take Care..
Nayanthara says Thank you

rajivnatarajan asks why you are not acting malayalam movies
Nayanthara says I'm busy with Tamil and Telugu projects but I did make an appearance in Twenty Twenty

srinarayanan2002 asks Ur way of acting expressions r really nice.. kind request is pls dont loose ur weight again. Bcos the Nayan of Ayya was really gud.. now v r missing..!
Nayanthara says Thank you

rajivnatarajan asks will you act again with Simbu?
Nayanthara says No

drsenkumar asks hi nayanthara,i heard u r going to do a movie opposite that true?r u doing lingusamy's film or not?tell me ur future assignments in tamil and telugu.
Nayanthara says No not now. And I'm not doing Lingusamy's next film.

sara24061984 asks happy birthday to nicethara, what is future plan. how will get married.
Nayanthara says Why is everyone asking me about marriage? Why can't I be single and happy?

dash.manas asks Hello....N.How are you... will you please ans my few question..... 1. Will you believe in love ? if yes then why u not disclose your boyfriend's name. if no then what is the reason behind it? q2. suppose one person propose you who is below your status
Nayanthara says I don't have one and I do believe in love

tonikroos asks hi nayanthara iam from coimbatore and do you visited coimbatore?if you visited can you tell which place you visited and?
Nayanthara says I think I have

nehra.gaurav asks wats your officaial website?
Nayanthara says

mkrishnamraju asks hai diana !!!...given a choice between malayayalam,tamil n telugu films,which one is close to your heart ? and why ?
Nayanthara says All are close to me...It's not the language that matters.

sathishjoseph asks do you have any malayalam projects
Nayanthara says No

asset_857 asks hai Nayanthara how are you? 1.when you get marriage? 2.what is tha opinian about Simbu? 3.what is idea about filmstar life?are you happy to this film filed?
Nayanthara says I'm good. I don't know when I'm getting married. I don't know what to say about him. And about a filmstar's life, it's good and exciting. And yes, I'm very much happy in this field.

isfer asks Hi Nayantara,how is your best actor and actress in Tamil Cinema?
Nayanthara says Favourite actors Rajini Sir and Simran

loveu.dear asks What are the qualities u r expecting from ur betterhalf?
Nayanthara says He should be honest and sincere

archana_ganesan asks What is your favorite brand of jeans?
Nayanthara says There's no favourite brand...I wear the jeans that has got a good fit.

archana_ganesan asks When you were a kid, did you ever dream that you will be such a successful actress? What did you think you would be then?
Nayanthara says No...I never thought I would come into this field.

pradeep.s.pillai asks Hi Nayana,r u doing any malayalam movies now?
Nayanthara says No

nishasajeev asks Maam really u enjoy the job actually you do
Nayanthara says Yes, I do

archana_ganesan asks Do you feel that you get your due in a still male dominated movie industry?
Nayanthara says Yes

pradeep.s.pillai asks Hi Diana/Nayantara,How r u? heard a lot about u. i have saw ur many mallu movies.You rocks
Nayanthara says Thank you

archana_ganesan asks Typically a mainstream actress in the Tamil film industry doesnt work for more than 5-6 years unlike their male counterparts? Do you think its fair? Do you see this changing in the near future?
Nayanthara says It depends on the actress and how she survives in the industry

svin25 asks wh is your favorite colors
Nayanthara says Black

pradeep.s.pillai asks and what about your plan to pursue for CA??have u dropped that plan?
Nayanthara says No, I've dropped the plan.

archana_ganesan asks Do you believe in love at first sight? :D
Nayanthara says No

pradeep.s.pillai asks Why r u not seen in the Hindi Version of Ghajini?
Nayanthara says Because I wasn't asked

aprabhu22 asks happy birthday.
Nayanthara says Thank you

aprabhu22 asks which was your favourite role
Nayanthara says Yaradee Nee Mohini

mbvpathy asks Hi. I am boopathy from Coimbatore. Firstly -I wish to u HAPPAY NEW YEAR.THEN What you think about my evergreen HERO & Kind man of (y)our Mr. RAJNIKANTH
Nayanthara says Rajini Sir is a wonderful humanbeing

bsrikanthkiran asks hi nayanthara, Iam great fan of yours. i loved your movies lakshmi. vallabha and tulasi alot. but seems you are not doing any projects in telugu right now. pls dont forget telugu movies as we all u a lot here
Nayanthara says Definitely I'll do a project next year

bsrikanthkiran asks i want to ask you how much intreseted r u to do bollywood movies?
Nayanthara says Not interested

vinothbitsgoa asks Belated Birthday wishes mam...Where did you celebrate your birthday?
Nayanthara says With my brother in Dubai

vinothbitsgoa asks Apart from Rajni and Kamal, Who is your favourite Tamil star?
Nayanthara says Vijay

vinothbitsgoa asks Your role in Aegan was awesome!You really depicted a college lecturer on screen.Congrats!
Nayanthara says Thank you so much

vrdavid_1978 asks Hai world Angel,how is it Feel our Thalaivar Rajini combination
Nayanthara says It was superb!

vinothbitsgoa asks Who are your close friends in Kollywood?
Nayanthara says I have lots of them

archana_ganesan asks Do you watch TV? What are your favourite shows?
Nayanthara says I don't watch shows...

archana_ganesan asks Do you have any regrets in life?
Nayanthara says No

cmuraleshyam asks Do you have any ideas to act with Silambarasan again?
Nayanthara says No

karthiitian asks plz tell me about ur working experiance in villu with super star vijay
Nayanthara says It was fantastic working with him

dilip.arjunfan asks wht your marriage marg or arranged marg?
Nayanthara says Love marriage

mani5ji asks Nayan, I like very much Billa movie, its like a hollywood movie and very very stylish ever seen before like this movies in Tamil. In future will you join again with Thala?
Nayanthara says Yes, I will

varma20032003 asks hi nayan sister.iam ur fans asso president frm hyderabad.whats ur next telugu movie.
Nayanthara says I don't have one right now but I will do one next year

forrest asks Are you considering any hollywood offers?
Nayanthara says No

satheesh.kamaraj asks Hi what is your favourite food?
Nayanthara says Any North Indian food

prish_student asks hie i am Prisheela from Singapore here.i love your acting and you are like one of my role models!! may i know your email add pls???
Nayanthara says

forrest asks How do you maintain your fitness?
Nayanthara says Workout

varma20032003 asks daily i pray to god abt ur health,career only.iam frm hydbad.i want to be ur fans asso president.whats procedure.
Nayanthara says I don't have any Fan Association

shilpar91 asks can you please tell whether villu shooting is over or not?
Nayanthara says No it's not's due for Pongal release

ilusuresh asks Hi nayan, Nice to chat with you.Iam a great fan of u.whats your hobbies? which is fav holiday destination?
Nayanthara says Watching movies. Favourite holiday destination is Canada.

vis_boom_anand asks who do u like the most ur dad/mom
Nayanthara says Both of them...Thanks for logging in. Do check my website.

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