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Nee Ko Njaa Cha

Nee Ko Njaa Cha
Sunny Wayne, Praveen, Sanju, Sija Rose
Prasanth Pillai
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For all those out there to whom entertainment is all about romance, booze, parties and expletives aplenty, debutant director Gireesh's Nee Ko Njaa Cha could be funny in parts.

No problem if you are a fan of such films. But in this film, some pathetic performances and incompetent making mars the efforts even when there are chances to make some sense at a certain point.

Some of the twists and a few sequences are enjoyable but the rest of the film is full of irritating buffoonery, unintelligent jokes and sexual innuendos. Since some of those types of jokes have been well received by the viewers during recent times, the makers of the film could have been prompted to come up with loads of them.

Roshan (Sunny Wayne) is a cosmetic surgeon and a Casanova by nature. Abu (Sanju), a budding filmmaker and Joe (Praveen), a TV show producer, are his friends. The trio decides to go to Goa after Joe's lover, Ann Mathew (Poojitha) ditches him for cameraman Peter (Shani).

Once they reach Goa, Joe falls for Anjali (Sija Rose), a hotel receptionist and the other two men have a one-night stand with two medical students, Alice (Rohini Idiculla) and Saniya (Parvathy). After all the adventure, things go completely wrong for some of them.

The first thing that comes to your mind as the end titles start rolling is the pathetic performance from some of the actors involved, especially Praveen and Shani. And most of the girls are all competing with each other to come up with the worst performance. The talented Sunny Wayne mostly looks disinterested.

In all fairness, this could have been a better film perhaps if the first half was less loud and the second half was handled with more intelligence. But no such luck from Gireesh and his team. Neil D' Cunha's visuals are good and the lyrics of some of the songs are just pathetic, to say the least.

With a rather silly sounding acronym, Nee Ko Njaa Chaa (which stands for 'Ninnem Kollum Njanum Chaavum') is for those who are looking for brainless fun. Now, the choice is yours.

Verdict: Average


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