Nee Venunda Chellam

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Friday 18 August 2006

Movie Title

Nee Venunda Chellam


L. Venkatesan

Star Cast

Ramesh, Namitha, Gajala, Thilakan

Try and Try till you succeed, this seems to be the motto of hero Ramesh. In Nee Venumda Chellam he lays it thick-fights and wins against a dozen thugs, romances Gazala while Namitha gushes after him plus he is there in all six songs!

The big question is whether there will be an audience to watch him do all these ?heroism? normally associated with a superstar film? There is nothing new in the story and director L.Venkatesan makes it too long at 2 hours 35 min, while the film loses its steam15 minutes after the first scene!

Kannan (Ramesh) along with his dad (Nizhalgal Ravi) runs a big store. Girls come regularly to get tips from him regarding their beauty and health problems!! But our hero falls for his friend?s neighbour Geeta (Gazala), the only daughter of a Government employee Viswanathan (Thilakan) who is a schemer and Machiavelli himself.

Then there is a don Ashok (Vincent Ashok) and his fianc?e Anjali (Namitha) who has fallen for Kannan as he stands up to the don and his men. More confusion arises when Viswanathan accepts the love letter sent by Kannan to his daughter Geeta and re-routes it to the don?s girl! All this leads to total bedlam and a dumb climax. The movie succumbs too often to plot and script contrivances.

The good news is that Ramesh is improving with each film while Gazala has nothing much to do. Vincent Ashok growls and Namitha does her glam act to perfection. Vivek?s comedy track as a fake guru Renigunta Reddy is hilarious but in the second half, when he becomes a beggar, it becomes repetitive. Vivek and his scriptwriter Prasanna Kumar should do something original; and not repeat their earlier tracks!

Dheena has tuned seven songs which hit you at regular intervals and most of them are rehashes of his earlier songs. By the time the film has strayed into its last scene, you are past caring.

Verdict: Below Average

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