Never thought Sultan would become so important: Pankaj Tripathi

Last Updated: Wed, Aug 01, 2012 10:58 hrs

Actor Pankaj Tripathi, whose portrayal of revenge hungry Sultan Qureshi in Anurag Kashyap's Gangs of Wasseypur has brought him unanimous praise, says he never thought that the role, which he landed after an audition of about eight hours, would become a career defining part.

The talented actor who manages to leave an impression despite playing small characters, says he thought it was just another such role but that did not deter his desire to be a part of the movie.

"I had no big hopes from the film initially. I have been doing bit parts in movies for past seven years and thought this character was something similar. I know what I can do as an actor but it is very painful because you don't get good roles that do justice to your potential in the industry.

"But Sultan's character may bring a positive change. Everyone has praised the role after the film's release and it is satisfying to be noticed for your performance," Pankaj told PTI in an interview.

Pankaj says he nearly missed the chance of being a part of the film because he had moved on to other projects after trying his luck initially. It was the film's casting director who convinced him to audition.

"I always wanted to be a part of this film. I even tried to get a role when they began auditions but nothing happened. I moved on and started working on a TV show. I was in Kolkata when I got a call from casting director Mukesh Chhabra. I had a shoot in Jodhpur next day so I was reluctant to leave that, but he wanted me to come. I left everything in the midway and came for the audition, which lasted the whole day. I did all my scenes in about eight hours," says Pankaj.

In fact, the film opens with Sultan's character attacking a house in the middle of the night, a long sequence, which was shot in the wee hours of the morning in single take.

"We rehearsed the shot the whole night and shot it in early morning. There were six cameras and we completed it in single take. The whole scene was completed in 8 minutes. Anurag trimmed it further. I was not happy because I thought I was speaking loudly but Anurag said it was required because there was so much noise with all the guns being fired." (MORE)

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