New docu on famous 'Psycho' shower scene gets a trailer

Last Updated: Thu, Aug 31, 2017 05:45 hrs

[USA], August 31 (ANI): In the 60s, if someone would have asked, what is one moment that you saw on the big screen that made you cringe?

The answer would have been 'Psycho's famous sequence, wherein thief Marion Crane (played by Janet Leigh) is repeatedly stabbed in her motel room by a knife-wielding intruder.

A new documentary, titled '78/52', is coming out with a deep analysis by director Alexandre O. Philippe of the immortal shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock's 'Psycho'.

The trailer of the film tells how the scene was shot and explores the iconic scene from multiple angles, focusing on its complicated technical aspects and its huge impact on the culture and the future of movies.

Talking about the documentary, Phillipe said, "78/52 is the result of a lifelong passion for Alfred Hitchcock, and his obsessive search for the ultimate cinematic trick. The shower scene is a watershed cultural moment, the most important scene in the history of motion pictures, the culmination of decades of experimentation for Mr. Hitchcock, and the purest expression of his absolute mastery of the art and craft of film-making."

"That scene is a joy to discover, and endlessly rediscover, because it contains countless mysteries and secrets, and ceaselessly challenges us to think about film as art in new and exciting ways," he further said.

The director also shared that the movie is still as vibrant as it was in the 60s.

"It was designed as an accessible and engaging tribute to the greatest scene ever made, and should entertain anyone interested in the magic of the creative process, even those who haven't yet experienced the greatness of Psycho," concluded the director.

'78/52' will be out on all digital platforms on October 13. (ANI)

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