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Newtonin Moondram Vidhi

Newtonin Moondram Vidhi
SJ Suryah, Rajeev, Sayali Bhagath
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S.J Suryah and his director Thaimuthuselvan has come out with an edge- of- the- seat, hard-hitting taut thriller that keeps the mercury rising. It’s a well executed revenge story with twists and turns at every corner and packaged well with the essential commercial ingredients.

As an actor S.J Suryah has improved leaps and bounds, while Sayali Bhagat is a revelation. But more than this, there is a story that teasingly sucks you into a thrilling vortex of crime and punishment without losing out on logic and pace, though the climax is too bloody and gruesome.

The story is simple and has been told many times; however the way the plot unfolds hooks you to the film. The film opens with a grim and bearded angry young man Guru (Suryah) paying floral tributes to his former lover Priya (Sayali Bhagat) in a graveyard.

In the flashback, their love story is told. Guru, a fashion designer falls head over heels for Priya an anchor working in Eagle TV’s music channel. After initial hiccups, both fall in love and decide to get married.

However things turn awry when the aggressive, almost maniacal channel owner JP (Rajeev) has a psychotic obsession for Priya, which turns into a dangerous game. He harasses her and on the eve of her wedding, kidnaps her, frames up Guru in a false case, puts her on virtual house arrest, brutally rapes and kills her! Due to his clout and money power, JP makes it look like a suicide.

Back to the present, Guru with the help of his friend Reghu working in the channel meticulously plans for a year to take revenge. In a chilling and cold- blooded way, Guru tells JP on phone- ‘Bad Morning JP it is 10 am, you will be dead by 12’noon’! How he does it using his brains and brawn forms the rest of this gripping thriller. The story has been etched out of Newton’s third law that to every action there is an equal but opposite reaction.

The romance between the lead pair is typical S.J Suryah style, with a ‘candid camera’ and a condom machine adding to the fun. There are typical smart one-liners and Sayali has exposed gracefully in the romantic and erotic Muthal Murai.. song picturised with a lot of élan and minimal lighting. Saravanan’s camera is splendid, while Vinay the new music director is peppy, though we get the feel that we heard the tunes before.

Newtonin Moondram Vidhi is not great cinema, but strikes a balance between style and packaged masala, and provides racy entertainment with never a dull moment. On the whole, it is an engaging thriller which will keep you glued to your sets.

Verdict: Taut Thriller


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