Next film for Gautham Menon: Suseenthiran

Last Updated: Sat, Sep 04, 2010 03:58 hrs

He made waves with his debut venture Vennila Kabaddi Kuzhu and now his second film Naan Mahaan Alla is appreciated by critics and is slowly turning out to be a hit. Director Suseenthiran is one happy man but not one to be resting on laurels. Already onto his third project he unwinds about NMA, the making of the film, his actors and technicians…

How does it feel post the success of NMA?
It feels great. We released 430 prints. This was one film I was already positive about even during the making. I knew it would do well. But when I got a standing ovation in theatres on the first two days of opening, I was thrilled. I was happy that the film had reached the audiences, the way I envisaged. And now with repeat audiences, I feel even more happy. The youth have loved the film.

What is the response from people from the industry?

I got calls from major directors like Sasiskumar, Lingusamy, Ezhil, Sasi, and others. They all said the film was excellent and was like watching an English film. They said they didn’t expect such a neat portrayal. There were no lags and it racy.

Is it being dubbed in Telugu due to Karthi’s market there?
Yes but we have not yet decided the title.

You haven’t used many songs in the film. Are you against song sequences and fifty dancers in the background etc?
Not at all. We have all been brought up on film music and songs are an integral part of our films. Wherever it’s necessary I will use them in the required way, be it foreign locales or anything. Whatever songs are in my films, they should be appealing to the audiences.

The villains mainly new faces are being talked about and getting claps. How did you find them?
Well, one boy Mahendran with the curly hair, is Vijay Milton’s assistant. I met Immanuel by chance and got him to act. Vinoth acted in Nanda as a young boy and Aruldhass who plays the Kasimedu don is a cameraman. I just introduced new faces which I thought would fit the characters and the age I was looking for. I gave them some training and a small workshop but its their natural talent that brought energy to the scenes.

How was your equation with cameraman Madhie ?
Madhie was my support system and he gave that realistic touch to the film. We would always discuss each shot, scenes, changes, backdrops, locations and even the clothes of the artistes. I would always bounce ideas off him and he has had a hand in every bit of the film.

How was it working with Karthi? How did he okay the script?
He heard only the first part which I had prepared and kept laughing throughout and okayed it immediately. Karthi’s involvement gave me more energy to do better. Karthi loves cinema and his observation and good grasp makes him a perfect artiste to work with. With no over acting anywhere, he got into his character completely. For one scene he didn’t eat before the shoot and for two days he was very quiet and withdrawn in keeping with the mood of what was being shot. He is very dedicated.

How was it working with Kajal who is a major hit in Telugu?
She showed us no attitude at all though she is a big hit after Maghadheera. She enjoyed the scenes and spent 15 days overall shooting with us. We gave her a light make up and she was okay with it and sometimes she just washed her face and did the shot. But she went along with the script completely.

Your next project is produced by Gautham Menon. How did that come about?
I was introduced to Gautham’ friend Madhan by Rajeevan. He liked my script of Azhagar samiyin Kuthirai and gave me the advance. I met Gautham once and he too liked it. The film is being produced under his banner. The story is about a man and his horse and Appukutty of Vennila fame is the hero. It’s a very different story and we are working on this project.

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