No more smoking on screen for Rajesh!

Last Updated: Wed, Oct 16, 2013 04:35 hrs

Family romcom specialist director Rajesh has vowed not to show any of his lead characters smoking on the screen.

Remember one of the highlights of all his films have shown hero smoking and drinking along with friends.  But his Diwali release  All in All Azhaguraja, the hero Karthi is shown as a non-smoker.

In fact All in All Azhaguraja trailer had a hilarious scene where Santhanam and Karthi make fun of the anti- smoking campaign. Rajesh says it was not a deliberate attempt to run down the ‘Mukesh , anti-smoking campaign’ but was done in fun, as any message conveyed in a comic way, will interest the audience.

Now Rajesh has taken a decision not to show smoking scenes in his films.

Says the hit director: “I have consciously taken a decision in my future films not to show smoking scenes. Whenever my films get censored, the board members would suggest that I could have avoided smoking scenes. They have told me that such scenes glorify smoking and send a wrong message to the audience. So, instead of just putting the scroll for such scenes, I realized that we could do away with it completely.” 


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