No one will be disappointed with 10 Enradhukulla, says Vijay Milton

Last Updated: Mon, Oct 19, 2015 17:12 hrs

After the stupendous success of Goli Soda, cameraman Vijay Milton is ready with his third film as director with the road thriller 10 Enradhukkula, which will be hitting the screens on October 21. A brief chat with the director, Excerpts…

What is your inspiration for 10 Enradhukulla?
It all started when I was driving at a speed of 120 KM/hr on a highway and suddenly, a lorry from the wrong side started approaching my vehicle but thankfully, there was no big damage to anyone.

That particular incident gave me a spark that drivers need great presence of mind and have to make calculative decision within the blink and miss time period of ten seconds, which is the core inspiration of 10 Enradhukulla!

There is a rumour doing the rounds that the film is inspired from Transporter series?
If I’m narrating a story of a boy chasing a girl and she initially refuse to accept him but later falls in love, no one would make any comment because the one liner is extremely ordinary. But if say that a boy and girl are seeing each other, she gets murdered and the boy start forgetting things in one hour, they would say it has been copied from Ghajini.

Yes, 10 Enradhukkula is a story about a driver, who has remarkable driving skills and he travels with a girl. So if this is how, people are going to compare my film with Transporter, let them do it but I can assure that there are many more surprises.

Tell us about Vikram’s character, his energy level is infectious in the trailer
Vikram plays a mystic character in the film. He is a stranger to everyone, even to his neighbors. Such a mystic person has to be like amoeba, he should adapt himself to any kind of situation. I had just briefed this character to Vikram and he immediately started working on his costumes and look.

As we commenced 10 Enradhukulla after ‘I’, he looked extremely slim and gained a lot of weight to look super smart on screen. According to me, playing a hunchback or visually challenged is actually easier comparing to play a normal man with great energy level and a complete stranger.

He is not your regular hero to wear colorful costumes, throughout the film he will be seen in four shirts, one pair of shoe and a pant. So as usual, you can see a different Vikram in the film.

What is Samantha's role?
When I had finished narrating the story, Vikram sir told me ‘Dei… heroine characterization is extremely powerful so if you can rope in the perfect girl and extract the best out of her, success is ours’.

Interestingly, my heroine character demanded a good physique and great charisma to match Vikram, because both have equal scope in the film but Samantha did not have any of these qualities.

 Both my team and Samantha knew this truth and that’s why I had said in many interviews that Samantha had faced psychological pressure to match Vikram’s screen presence but now, I can confidently say that she has pulled it off in style.And after watching the film, you will be talking only about Samantha’s performance and character. Can’t break the suspense now, watch out!

Imman and Anoop Seelin for songs and BGM, why?
Imman was highly cooperative and understood the need of the film. I told him to decide about the song placement in the film as many of them flow only with the movie. Talking about BGM, I had told Imman that Anoop Seelin had worked with me in Goli Soda and would like to continue with him and he generously agreed to it without any tantrum.

In fact Anoop Seelin has used Imman’s theme in the BGM,  they share a mutual respect.

Stunts and Lee Whitaker.. .
Again, the film won’t have usual stunt sequences, which we have seen in road thriller movies like Fast and Furious. Here the script is not like the fastest driver wins the race, the protagonist has to think of Indian traffic, our clumsy roads and make decision accordingly with great presence of mind.

So when I met narrated Narein Karthikeyan, he suggested that such drivers are not here in India and can find only in Iran or USA. As Lee Whitaker is also a short filmmaker and worked in many Hollywood films, we had him on board and I can say that he has done a commendable job in the film. Eagerly waiting to witness the response of audiences.

About AR Murugadoss and Fox Star…
Murugadoss had initially told me that the script of 10 Enradhukulla equals to ten Goli Soda and also said that he won’t be watching the film until or unless, I ask him to do. Recently, he watched the film and suggested three changes, I thought he was right and incorporated those things.

A director should open for suggestions. As a matter of fact, I’ve done things suggested by Pandiraj, Lingusamy and Suseenthiran in Golisoda.

Fox Star is a great support for the film. All I have to do is to mail them the quotation and expenditure of the schedule, they will give me the money and there won’t be any interference.

Heard you are going to direct Vikram again…
Yes, Vikram is a great friend now and he wants me to do four continuous films with him but as you know, everything is based on the result of 10 Enradhukkula, fingers crossed!

What can audience expect from the film…
When I made Goli Soda, there were no expectations so let them watch 10 Enradhukulla with similar mindset, I’m sure they will not be disappointed.

Rajasekar S