No to stunts, yes to Bollywood: Jackie Chan's son

Last Updated: Thu, Feb 26, 2009 10:27 hrs

His father is one of the finest action stars of all time, but 26-year-old Jaycee Chan admits he is scared of doing stunts unlike dad Jackie Chan. The youngster has worked in Chinese films, his next is a Taiwanese venture and he wouldn't mind trying his luck in Bollywood.

"Stunts scare me. I am scared of being hurt and then not being able to finish my movie on time and of letting my friends and family get worried because of it," said Jaycee.

Jaycee says it is his father's passion for films that inspires him to do better. However, he doesn't plan to tread the same path as his father Jackie who has delivered hits like Rush Hour and Shanghai Noon.

"I don't think I will take the same path in movies as my dad, but I know that he worked really hard to reach where he is right now. And what really inspires me about my father is his passion for movies and his determination to never give up on things that he wants to achieve," Jaycee said.

Jaycee, who juggles many roles as an actor, singer, composer, lyricist and guitarist, made his acting debut in 2004 with Chinese film Twins Effect II. He also stars in Taiwanese film The Invisible Target, which releases in India on Friday in both English and Hindi.

"My role is that of a young cop who is trying to find his missing brother. And for that he needs to find the bad guys. It is actually a very simple movie and I hope Indian audiences like it," he said.

"It is an all-out action movie with just a 10 percent love angle," he added.

Unlike his legendary father, Jaycee wants to experiment with different kinds of roles and films. "I don't want to do only a certain role all the time. I want to try out all different kinds of roles - bad guy, good guy, doctor, gangster, lover...anything that's fun," he said.

He wouldn't mind doing a Bollywood film either. "I really enjoy watching and listening to Indian music and dance. Most of the songs that I hear are the happy and joyful ones and it suggests Indians must always be a happy and joyful lot. Hope I am right. And I would love to work with you guys any time you want me to," said Jaycee.

He had a chance meeting with Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat, who had starred alongside his father in The Myth, and says she was very "down-to-earth".

"She is a nice person. Though I am not sure how popular she is in India, she is quite down-to-earth, which is what I think most Indian stars are like."

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