Nutan Prasad dies

Last Updated: Wed, Mar 30, 2011 07:21 hrs

Veteran artist Nutan Prasad, aged 65, passed away on Wednesday due to a prolonged illness, on his way to the Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad.

Born as Tadivada Varaprasad in Kaikalur on December 12, 1945, Nutan Prasad started his acting career with the play `Naa Vote-u` in Guntur and soon debuted on the silver screen with Bapu's Andaala Raamudu (1973). Needa Leni Aadadi (1974), and Bapu's Muthyala Muggu (1975) made his position secure. His role as Satan in Bapu's Rajadhiraju (1980) brought him popularity and critical appreciation. 

He soon graduated to key roles that brought him much-deserved recognition, and his voice and vocal modulation set him apart. He won the Nandi Award for Best Supporting Artist through his role in Ushakiron Movies' Sundari-Subbarao (1984). His roles in many movies such as Mogudu Kaavali, Khaidi, Aha Naa Pellanta, Mantrigaari Viyyakandu, Adavi Donga and Muddula Chellulu were quite popular.

An accident during the shooting of Baamma Maata-Bangaaru Baata (1989), when Rajendra Prasad and Nutan Prasad fell to the ground when a crane's cable broke loose while they were in the "super car" floating in the air, caused him severe damage. He continued acting again, with Vijayashanti-starrer Karthavyam (1990). His real life pain was heart wrenchingly depicted through his real-life role in Sarpa Yaagam (1991), Paruchuri brothers' directorial venture starring Sobhan Babu.

Soon, the roles that Nutan Prasad could play became limited as he was confined to a wheel chair. He dubbed for late Gummadi in Aayanakiddaru (1995) as the artiste had issues with his voice at that time. He then moved on to the television with the advent of channels such as the ETV. His dialogues such as "nootokka jillaala andagaadini", " desamlO chaalaa klishta paristhitullO undi. Right nunchi China, Left nunchi Pakistan..." were quite popular and featured in almost all mimicry performances of the times.

Nutan Prasad was awarded the NTR Award for the year 2005. He's survived by a son (Nutan Kumar, who also acted in films) and two daughters.

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