NYC women queuing up for surgery to get nose like Duchess Kate

Last Updated: Fri, Mar 15, 2013 09:20 hrs

New York women are flocking to their local plastic surgeons in search of spring's hottest accessory - Kate Middleton's royal nose.

Two years ago, Jessica Blaier, a 22-year-old NYU student, was flipping through People magazine in search of a new sniffer when she came across wedding pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge.

"When I saw Kate's nose, I just knew it was the perfect nose for me," she said.

According to Blaier, other celebrities had parts of their noses that she wanted, but Kate's nose had it all. The tip doesn't fall when she smiles, and it's feminine.

So she ripped out two pictures of the Duchess, a head-on shot and a profile, and took it to Dr. Thomas Romo, director of facial plastic surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital on the upper East Side, who knew just what she wanted.

Dr. Romo said that he's already performed 100 of the 10,000-12,000 dollar procedures.

With 11 billion dollars spent by Americans on cosmetic surgery in 2012, other plastic surgeons in New York have noticed the trend and are taking pro-active steps to enhance the Kate Middleton nose job experience for their patients, the New York Daily News reported.

Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg, a Manhattan plastic surgeon and author of 'A Little Nip, A Little Tuck' said that it has become so popular that they have made a file of a dozen Kate Middleton pictures to show patients when they come in for their consultation.

Dr. Romo believes that the obsession with Middleton's nose initially began with the royal wedding in 2011 but has grown since announcing her high-profile pregnancy.

Beyond the physicality of the duchess' nose, Dr. Romo also believes that Kate's persona attracts potential rhinoplasty patients. (ANI)

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