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Olave Mandara review

Olave Mandara
Shrikanth, Akanksha Manasurkar, Rangayana Raghu, Veena Sundar, Sharan
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Olave Mandara directed by debutant director Jayathirtha is certainly one of the best Kannada films to hit the screen in the recent months.

Jayathirtha delivers a touching film which is not only engrossing but also upholds the value of pure love and human spirit. The film has a fresh concept neatly told using contemporary technical inputs. There is no dull moment after the initial fifteen minutes.

The strength of the film lies in its content which paves way to many small but touching incidents which define the journey of the hero.

The story revolves around the love between Sreeki of Karnataka and Preethi from Assam who meet during a National Dance Competition held at Coimbatore.

Sreeki who is a serial lover undergoes a transformation thanks to Preethi. He promises Preethi that he will visit Raniganj to meet her mother and convince her to get them married. But he loses his credit cards, purse and mobile.

While crossing the states and its interiors he comes across many who make him realise the true value of love. But does he get to Raniganj without any money? Will her mother agree to their wedding?

New comer Srikanth shows signs of becoming a good actor. He breathes life both as a dancer and in the action sequences of the film. He shines well in the emotional sequences too. Akanksha is a treat to watch. Rangayana Raghu and Veena Sundar have put in their best too.

Cameraman Ravi Kumar has done exceptional work in capturing the beautiful visuals of the nine states where the film was shot. Music is top class and Deva should be complimented for a fine background score and melodious music compositions. Jayathirtha's dialogues are meaningful and all the lyric writers of the film have to be complimented for writing such wonderful lyrics.

Olave Mandara is a beautiful film that genuine film lovers cannot afford to miss. This film will certainly create a new bench mark in the way youthful love stories can be told on screen.

Rating: Four Stars.


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