Only 10 mints were trimmed: KV Anand

Last Updated: Sat, Oct 20, 2012 04:12 hrs

The unit members of AGS Entertainments’ Maattrraan met the media on Friday (Oct 19) evening and updated them about several aspects of the film that went into the making of it.

Speaking on the occasion, vfx expert Srinivasa Mohan, who also did the CG for Enthiran explained the intricacies that went into the making of the film. Said he, “There was immense research work that went into the making of the film. We used a body double to shoot for the conjoined twins scenes along with Suriya. Later, Suriya’s expressions were fitted onto the person’s facial features to look the part. This was done in such a way that no one till now has noticed it and that’s the success of the CG work that it can’t be seen! We spent several weeks in Los Angeles getting the motion capture technology work done for Surya, which captured around 22 expressions of the actor needed for the movie. This could not have been done without his co-operation.”

KV Anand added, “Even Hollywood actors do not want to let themselves be captured by the motion capture technology because they feel that once their expressions are caught any one can superimpose it and make a film without them!’

Speaking about the cuts in the movie Anand explained, “We cut only ten minutes. One part was from the Gujarat villain running scenes while the other were some scenes of chase in Latvia. As for the MGM fight scenes, people liked them a lot when the twins were fighting the villains. So only a total of ten minutes have been cut.”

Anand added that he was inspired by the research going on in the genetic field for the film while the theme of food adulteration was another which had inspired him.


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