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STR, Sonu Sood, Santhanam, Richa
Balaji Real Media Pvt Ltd
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The most refreshing thing about Dharaniís Osthi, a remake of Abhinav Kashyapís Salman Khan blockbuster Dabangg is that it sticks to the original. It plays to the galleries and STR is perfectly cast as the do-gooder cop who fights the corrupt system single-handedly.

The mix is perfect for commercial mass masala. It is a full Thali meal - a star, super action scenes, romance, dances, punchlines, comedy, lot of sentiments and finally good triumphing over evil.

Osthi Velan (STR) loves his mother (Revathy) and is an inspector in a village near Tirunelveli. He has a deep rooted animosity towards his stepfather (Nassar) and step brother Balan (Jithan Ramesh) from childhood. Balan is a loser who by hook or crook wants to marry his lady love (Sarnya Mohan).

In between, our hero falls for Neduvali (Richa Gangopadhyay). Then there is this politician-thug Boxer Daniel (Sonu Sood) with whom Velan lock horns. What follows is predictable as the villain exploits the hostility between the brothers to get back at Velan.

Director Dharani deserves a thumps up for perfect casting which has resulted in Osthi turning out to be an engaging crowd-pleaser. Of course, much of the film's appeal lies in watching the leading man STRís approach to his role with an unmatched fervour. He is hyperkinetic and adds pep and pepper to the proceedings. STR carries the film on his shoulder and he's wide awake and seems to have had a blast, especially the climax fight where he takes off his shirt.

Richa has hardly anything to do and is there for the songs and romance. Jithan Ramesh is a revelation and proves that he has a career ahead as guy in negative roles. Sonu Sood is riveting as the treacherous villain. The rest of the cast like Nassar, Revathy, Santhanam and VTV Ganesh are adequate.

Thamanís music works to the filmís advantage, with Neduvalli and Pondati being the pick of the lot. Kalasala does not match up to Munni Badnam Hui. Gopinath is a commercial filmmakerís dream cameraman, as he makes the hero look larger than life through clever movements and use of Jimmy Jip. The location chosen (Mysore) to shoot the film just does not match Tirunelveli landscape and the sets especially the heroines hut looks tacky.

The film makes no bones and is designed to give the audiences a rollicking good time. Osthi is another time pass entertainer, a smart action movie that's well worth your time.

Verdict: Time-Pass Entertainer


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