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Paarthale Paravasam

Paarthale Paravasam
Madhavan, Simran, Lawrence, Sneha
Pushpa Kandaswamy
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By Moviebiz

Has living legend of Tamil films K.Balachander lost his magic touch? His so called 100th creation(not film ,as his TV serials have also been included in the list) Paarthale Paravasam is a major disappointment. The film lacks both style, soul and looks more like one of his mega serials pasted together in a three-hour movie.

Balachander ‘sir’, your screenplay is devoid of sense, logic and even continuity. Perhaps it has come out because now you are dishing out 18 minutes daily serials for the ‘Mami’’s. The one line story of Paarthale Paravasam is about a couple’s problems in marriage,divorce and reunion. It is very similar to the countless soaps on TV about mothers, daughters, sons and sobbing sister-in-law shrieking their lungs out.

Madhava (Madhavan) is a doctor cum movie star(?) owner of a five star hospital! Half the girls in the town are chasing him including his patients and staff. But our cute doc is mama’s boy and would marry only the girl chosen by her. She chooses Simi (Simran) and they get married. Before the honeymoon ends, enters Rekha a London based doctor with whom Madhava studied in the medical college. Rekha confess that she has come for a casual visit but when her three-year-old son points out at Madhava`s picture and says it is his ‘Daddy’, Simi is shell shocked. Rekha’s explanation that she is happy as an unwed mother who is more interested in her career abroad, Simi is not willing to compromise and she walks out on Madhava. She not only throws the ‘thali’ but also the saree (which Madhava had bought for her) at him. She manages to get a divorce. On a parallel track Simi has an admirer in Azhagu (Lawrence) who is a dancer and pop singer. And Chella (Sneha) the nurse at the hospital a long time ardent admirer of Madhava is ready to marry him. But Madhava’s Periappa (Vaali) is determined to reunite the divorced couple. How he goes about it, is told in a lengthy manner with a tedious, long drawn out confusing climax in a ‘Kalyana Mandapam’.

The supporting characters, especially Azhagu’s family of painted (crude make-up) black men and women are laughable caricatures. Why did Balachandar ‘sir’ make fun of people who are dark skinned in such a lewd way? Madhavan is uncomfortable and has a blank look about him. He is more suited for the Minnale type of happy go lucky characters. Simran looks pale and disinterested in the proceedings as Simi. Sneha hardly has any role and is miscast as the nurse Chella.Kamalhassan plays a guest role in the film. Vivek is the only silver lining and he proves once again, that he is a top class comedian and his one-liners in the film are the only bright spots. Newcomer Lawrence is better off sticking to choreography.

The music of the film is worth a snore. Did A.R.Rahman really provide music for the film? There is not even a single number, which stays in your mind after you leave the hall.

Balachandar ‘sir’ please stick to television, where you are the czar of serials.

Verdict: Insufferable


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