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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Friday 10 August 2001

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KS Ravikumar

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Another Rajinikanth film tailor-made for those who are blind enough to swallow anything that is dished out by their favourite Superstar. He is ?Padayappa? the dutiful son of Sivaji Ganesan the head of a large zamindari. Padayappa?s mother is Lakshmi and his sister is Raagasudha and they are a happy family. Rajinikanth comes back to the zamindari after a stint in the town doing a job.

He comes across Ramyakrishnan, a girl with a modern outlook who is his uncle Radha Ravi?s daughter. Ramya is a hot headed arrogant girl who on seeing Rajini?s guts and ?style? wants to make him her hubby. But Rajini has eyes only for the servant maid Soundarya staying in Ramya?s house. Ramya tries every trick in the book to get Rajini to marry her but he spurns her overtures.

Manivannan, another uncle of Rajini staying with Sivaji, comes out with the demand that he should be given a share of the wealth. Sivaji who is more interested in the unity of the family does not wish to fight for what is rightfully his and gives up everything to his half brother. Unable to bear the thought of leaving behind his ancestral home he succumbs to death.

Rajini now takes his mother and sister to a piece of land owned by them and begins life afresh. Meanwhile, Nasser the politician son of Radha Ravi who was to marry Rajini?s sister, goes back on his promise and marries another girl. Manivannan comes to know that the piece of land owned by Rajini has a deposits of granite which he can market and he playacts to get the land back but Rajini sees through his plan. Rajini by sheer determination turns into a millionaire.

Radha Ravi goes to his sister?s house and asks for Rajini?s hand with Ramya but Lakshmi walks into Radha Ravi?s house and fixes up the marriage with Soundarya. Ramya turns insane. Eighteen years later, Rajini now a father himself faces a problem. Abbas the son of Nasser and his daughter Preetha are in love. Ramya coming out of her room after eighteen years now takes her revenge. She makes Abbas say that he is not in love with Preetha after Rajinikanth officially declares in the traditional ritual of the village panchayat that his daughter is to be married.

Ramya?s plan backfires, the reason being that Abbas is truly in love with Preetha. Ramya realises this and in her uncontrollable rage chases Rajini and Abbas with gunmen to kill them. Fights chases, bombs, guns blazing inspite of which Rajini manages to arrive with Abbas at the venue of the marriage in the village. Ramya arrives with a machine gun and shoots at Rajini but the bullet misses him. A raging bull charges from behind at Ramya ( she is wearing a red sari) and Rajini as usual is the only one with quick reflexes. He hurls the Vel held by him and this and this halts the bull in its track. Ramya shoots herself since she does not want to live a life given back to her by Rajini.

This story has a lot of illogical happenings and punches for Rajini fans who see Ramya as Jayalalitha the ex-CM. Any dialogue spewed against Ramya by Rajni is seen as a missile hurled against the ex-CM. Ramya steals the show with a fine performance as the arrogant woman. Rajini has nothing to do but be the Superman and spew dialogues. He gnashes his teeth and gives dirty looks with the so called punch lines muttered by him. Some gems ?A man who aspires for more and a woman who gets angry more than what she deserves have never led a peaceful life ?, ? A hard working man never gets to save much and a man who earns without hard work will never be able to safe guard his wealth ? ? My route is a different one, don?t cross it ?. ?Minsara Kana?, ?Kiku Aeruthe? and ?Suthi Suthi? are the three good numbers. Technically the film has nothing much to offer.

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