Panchavarnathatha review: A pure torture

Could be a painful experience for all those who can't stand the buffoonery that is being shown in the name of comedy


Monday 16 April 2018

Movie Title



Ramesh Pisharody

Star Cast

Jayaram, Kunchacko Boban, Anusree

After watching comedian turned debutant director Ramesh Pisharody’s Panchavarnathatha, the first question that would come to your mind is a simple one. What was he trying to narrate here?

If you are kind enough, it can be said that this one is a string of comedy skits stitched together, revolving around a few characters. Jayaram is a mysterious man, who owns pets ranging from cats, dogs, macaws to camels and elephants. With a clean shaven head, he talks in a peculiar way and is seen virtually everywhere, always helping others.

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Kalesh (Kunchacko Boban) is an MLA, who is happily married to Chitra (Anusree). He has won the elections thanks to the good work done by his late dad, who was the MLA there before him. Kalesh is barely seen busy and is a family man.

The story moves ahead after a while, when Jayaram’s quirky character becomes part of Kalesh’s life.

In fact, there are so many characters who come and go, performing skits like those comedy shows on TV. Some of them can make you laugh but mostly, all they do is to irritate you with its inanity.

With a pathetic script, all that Ramesh Pisharody succeeds in his maiden attempt is to bore you to death.

In all fairness, Jayaram painfully maintains the weird mannerisms and dialogue delivery all along. But why on earth is this gifted actor doing atrocious films one after the other? Kunchacko Boban and Anusree have nothing much to do. Salim Kumar tries to bring back those hit mannerisms of his from the past, but fails once again to evoke any laughter.

Panchavarnathatha could be a painful experience for all those who can’t stand the buffoonery that is being shown in the name of comedy. It’s indeed surprising on how so many actors and technicians agree to be part of a silly venture like this one!

Panchavarnathatha review: Verdict- Torture