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K M Chaitanya
Shubha Poonja, Shravanth, Shrunga, Bullet Prakash, Sadhu Kokila
Anoop Seelin
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If we are looking for a surprise from K M Chaitanya, who directed the masterpiece Aa Dinagalu and subsequently the flop Suryakanthi, Paraari, his latest venture, does not disappoint.

For, Chaitanya, who comes from the theatre background, has been forced to follow the trend in Sandalwood. No doubt, he has tried to come up with a unique movie, but it just falls short of convincing the audience about its USP. Adult comedy, teenage sex issues and money, all combined into one movie fails to impress.

Paraari is the story of 3 boys wanting to be men. They do the things that boys do - fall in love, break their heart, and get into trouble. They not only lose their virginity and get into trouble, but also find themselves at the receiving ends. Paraari was supposed to be a non-stop rib-tickling, action and fun roller coaster, however the movie and the director do not live up to the expectations.

For audiences, who have watched the American Pie series (boys discovering their sexuality or trying their luck in a private brothel) or the comical hit Jane Bhi Do Yaaron (trying to get rid of a corpse), Paraari offers nothing new other than a combination of multiple hit movies.

Chaitanya seems to have decided to give up his association with actor Chetan, as he would not have suited any role. Other than Shubha Poonja and comedian Bullet Prakash, the rest of the lead star cast is new. Shubha Poonja impresses with her mature performance while Bullet Prakash is tolerable in his comedy. But the real performers in the movie are comedians Sadhu Kokila and Rangayana Raghu, who make the movie entertaining with their screen presence. Music by Anup Seelin is average.

Paraari turns out an entertainer on the whole providing a whole new experience for the Kannada movie audiences with heavy doses of adult comedy and a bit of suspsense. But for people, who have watched plethora of such Hollywood movies, Paraari will disappoint.

Verdict: Disappointing


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