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Paramathma review

Yogaraj Bhat
Puneet Raj Kumar, Aindrita Ray, Deepa Sannidhi, Anant Nag, Rangayana Raghu
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Yogaraj Bhat`s Paramathma is a classic film made on the lines of some good Hollywood films with lots of comedy and a little bit of mystery thrown in.

Puneet Raj Kumar who has been showing lot of dynamism in recent films shows maturity in the role of pure hearted `Param` in this film.

Param`s father is a retired cardiologist who is helping children. Param takes up many jobs including that of a share broker in Mumbai to Kung Fu expert, but finds little peace. He joins college where he has a group of friends who enjoy being unsuccessful in exams.

Saanvi, one of his friends in the group, has a crush on Param who does not reciprocate the feelings. Meanwhile, Param meets Deepa in a theatre and instantly falls for her. He follows her to her native place, Theerthahalli.

At a time when everything is going for Param, he finds that Deepa has rejected his marriage proposal.

The film starts slowly but picks up speed later. Again the film drags for a few minutes in the second half which is totally forgotten in the last half an hour of the film.

Puneet is perfect in his role as Param and his blemish less performance is the major highlight of the film. Among the two heroines it is Aindrita Ray who comes out with a scintillating performance.

Deepa Sannidhi is cute and can also perform well. She looks classic in songs. Anant Nag plays the father`s role well. Rangayana Raghu overacts some time. Avinash is loud.

The twist in the climax is sure to shake the audience from their seats. Yogaraj Bhat who is a master story teller does it again in a totally unexpected manner. He has added lot of realism by using the local dialect used in the Malnad region of Karnataka which adds to the native aroma of the film.

Santhosh Rai Pathaaje takes the cake as a master director of cinematography. Equally likeable is Hari Krishnaa`s music compositions and background music.

Santhosh Rai Pathaaje is top class behind camera.

Watch Paramathma for its classic style of narration and good packaging.

Rating: Three and a half stars.


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