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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Wednesday 4 June 2003

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Arjun, Rahul Dev, Kiran, Gayathri

By Moviebuzz

?A? stands for Action and Arjun among Tamil cinegoers! ?Action King?s new release Parasuram is one of his directorial ventures after Vedam and Ezhumalai. This one is a cop story devoid of a coherent script. There are plenty of continuity lapses as the camera focuses mainly on the leading ladies Kiran and Gayathri Raghuram?s anatomy.

In fact Arjun borrows heavily from Hollywood and Bollywood B- grade action movies. In case you are still curious to know the plot, be enlightened- The film opens on the India ?Pakistan border as three youths try to enter India, but two are shot dead. The one who has survived to tell the story is Nakulan, a Tamilian. He has crossed the borders to be trained by the ISI and comes back to create terror in India.

The case is entrusted to Assistant Police Commissioner Parasuram (Arjun), a patriotic officer tough as a nail. His love is Kiran who has nothing much to do in the narrative. The bad guy is Akash (Rahul Dev) who sends misguided youths to Pakistan for training and brings them back to subvert our peaceful state! The identity of Akash is a secret while Abbas pops in as Nakulan?s brother and gives a speech against terrorism. Meena (Gayathri) is a petty thief who has a soft corner on our macho officer. The rest of the story is all about how Parasuram nails the bad guys with excessive blood spewing.

Arjun hams as Parasuram. Rahul Dev as the villain strikes an icy menace through his body language. Kiran and Gayathri have displayed their wares liberally. Why does Abbas do such insignificant roles these days? A.R.Rahman?s music score is worth a snore. It is better if Arjun can invest his time and talent in something that is not as bad as Parasuram.

Verdict: Pathetic

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