Paris Hilton thinks TV chef is British PM

Last Updated: Wed, Jan 28, 2009 10:44 hrs

Socialite Paris Hilton showed off her ignorance recently when she thought celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay was the British prime minister.

Paris Hilton made another sex tape, claims new book reports that Hilton was in London to launch her new show Paris Hilton's British Best Friend for ITV2 and she had no idea where Essex was or ever heard of a pint.

She said: "I love Britain. London is my favourite city in the world."

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But when asked if she knew who the British prime minister was, she replied, "Yes, it's Gordon Ramsay, isn't it?"

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Her knowledge of British drinking habits was equally bad. She confessed: "No, I've not heard of a pint - what it that? Is it beer?"

And in the show she tells one hopeful she is unfamiliar with the girl’s home county, inquiring: “Essex? What’s that?”

Thousands auditioned for the show before Paris and producers whittled it down to 12 wannabes. One will be evicted each week with her telling them, "TTYN" (Talk To You Never).

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