Parvathy's smashing reply to 'muthalalimaar' is an instant hit!

Last Updated: Mon, Dec 18, 2017 20:02 hrs

If you have been active on the social media, it was an afternoon of hectic activity today. At first, filmmaker and actor Jude Anthany Joseph made a rather controversial analogy, where he said about a “thankless monkey”.

The angry retorts in his comments column made it clear that everyone believed his target was actress Parvathy.

It was then that Parvathy posted a smashing tweet, “To all the circus muthalalimaar!!!” with a hashtag, #feminichispeaking and a picture with a message that in a way means, “F#$@ off!!!

Just like Jude, Parvathy too didn’t mention any names and of course, we are not suggesting anything as well. But if you have the brains it’s all evident.

The social media is celebrating Parvathy’s reply now!

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