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Siva, Madhu Shalini, Abhishek
Yuvan Shankar Raja
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Director Sabapathy’s Pathinaru is all about romance that fails to blossom. The subtle message he wants to convey is that falling in love is easy but there are too many obstacles in the way of true love ending in marriage.

Rich industrialist (Abhishek) only daughter Indu (Madhu Shalini) falls in love with Siva (Mirchi Shiva), her senior in college. Girl and boy secretly want to get married. The girl’s parents fiercely oppose the marriage. Girl’s mom asks them to read a novel Pathinaru.

As they read the novel together, in a flashback, the audiences are told about the circumstances that made the author write the autobiographical story. A boy and girl coming from different strata of society in a village milieu fall in love from their childhood.

The girl is obstinate that under any circumstances that she will only marry the boy. Fate intervenes and separates the lovers. The identity of the village lovers is revealed which forces Shiva and Indu to have a rethink about their marriage plans.

The film is under two hours, but Mirchi Siva has hardly 15 to 20 minutes in the film. It looks as though he is doing a cameo. The entire focus is on the village love story, and most of the happenings lack logic. In the climax Shiva tracking down the old lovers including the author of the book to Kodaikanal is hard to digest.

The only silver lining in the film is Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music. The film does not have storyline strong enough to hold viewers interest post interval and it looked like Sabapathy was in a hurry to end it.

Verdict- Average


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