Paviyettante Madhurachooral review:Melodramatic and old fashioned

Paviyettante Madhurachooral review:Melodramatic and old fashioned

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Critic's Rating: 1.5/5

Monday 10 December 2018

Movie Title

Paviyettante Madhurachooral



Star Cast

Sreenivasan, Lena

The highlight of director Sreekrishnan’s Paviyettante Madhurachooral, is the screenplay and dialogues by Sreenivasan, who incidentally is also playing the male lead.

Pavithran (Sreenivasan) and Annie (Lena) are teachers in C K M High School located in a remote village named Chandanappara. The two fell in love and fled from their hometown several years back. They live happily now, though at times they do miss having a child of their own.

Pavithran is actively involved in organic farming and is at loggerheads with the school manager Mathukkutty (Vijayaraghavan), who will do anything for money. 

The twist in the tale happens when a teenager follows Annie on her way back home from school, on a day when Pavithran is out of town.

As the story reaches this stage, there are mentions of some historical events, famous quotes and references to several social happenings, in true Sreenivasan style. 

Though the story has no surprises to offer and is based on a plot that has come on screen many times before, the film offers some moments here and there. The narrative style is in a highly conventional manner. Even the less than two hour duration becomes too much as the narrative has nothing much to fill in between the various happenings in the story.

Though the logic behind the story raises eyebrows, we would skip discussing it for the sake of those who want to watch it. 

Sreenivasan looks a bit too old to play Lena’s husband, that too in a role where they were said to be in love right from their childhood days. If you are ready to forget that fact, both Sreenivasan and Lena have done their parts quite dedicatedly. 

Paviyettante Madhurachooral is tailor made for those who get too emotional watching tearjerkers on TV. The Sreenivasan magic is totally absent in this script. Watch this one at your risk. 

Verdict: Melodramatic and old fashioned

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