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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Friday 7 May 2004

Movie Title



Sasi Shankar

Star Cast

Surya, Jyothika, Vivek, Manorama

Surya has struck gold with Peralagan in his first dual role. As the lovable Chinna and handsome Karthik this double role is not the clich?d one of twins separated at birth but is about two people who are entirely different in character and looks. Peralagan is a believable yarn and a sincere remake from Malayalam. The movie turns out to be a roller-coaster ride of pure entertainment.

At the epicentre of all the mirth is Surya who has portrayed the role of Chinna, a buck-toothed, dark, ugly hunch-back in a knock-out performance. It is a very difficult role to essay as the make-up and body language of the character have to gel with the actor?s happy-go-lucky jovial personality.

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Only a Kamalhassan could do that in the past and if this film does well at the box-office, Surya would turn into a superstar just like what happened to Kamal, with Kalyana Raman two decades back!

Chinna (Surya) owns an STD booth and though he is positively ugly he dreams about marrying a beautiful girl. Kozhanthai (Vivek) a marriage broker is his friend, philosopher and guide. Sembakam (Jyothika) is a blind gypsy girl whose brother dies in an accident. Chinna likes her and takes her home but lies that he is very handsome.

Meanwhile there is Karthik (Surya), a boxer who is in love with Priya (Jyothika) daughter of a police officer. As the father (Devan) does not approve their marriage the lovers elope with the help of Chinna, but Varadan, a local thug intervenes and Priya is killed. Chinna is the witness to this murder and soon Varadan is arrested. Priya?s eyes are donated to Sembakam and she gets back her eyesight. She sees Karthik and mistakes him for Chinna and hugs him. Seeing this, Chinna is heartbroken and he leaves the village, but Sembakam waits for him! What happens when Sembakam sees an ugly Chinna?

The film makes you laugh and cry at the same time. However the highlight of the film is Surya as Chinna and he is extraordinary. Here is one of his most lovable performances as the handicap, though as the morose Karthik, he just passes muster. Jyothika is a revelation (also in her first dual role) as the bubbly Priya and blind Sembakam. In her first de-glamorised role as Sembakam she has proved her histrionics. Vivek for a change has a full length role and he brings the house down with his one-liners. Music by Yuvan is avearge but the background score is good. Director Sasi Sankar has to be applauded for making a feel-good film without any violence, vulgarity or even bad words.

Verdict: Family Entertainer

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