Piaa cries seeing "her death"

Last Updated: Mon, Apr 25, 2011 10:37 hrs

Piaa sobbed loudly when she saw the "death of Saro, the character she plays in Ko"! 

Her friends who accompanied her for the noon show at Sathyam cinemas on the opening day of Ko were seen trying hard to console her!

Piaa with her 70MM smile later told sify.com: "Yes I could not stop crying seeing my own death in the film. It made me emotional, as the character of Saro has so well been etched out by Anand sir".

Actually,  Piaa had seen Ko the previous night at a sneak preview for the unit members of the film. At that time too she had cried, and it was heroine Karthika who was by her side who consoled.

Later Ajmal who was there at the screening came and "apologised to Piaa, for hitting her so hard on screen, just before she dies!"

Meanwhile Piaa has been getting a lot of accolades for her performance in Ko, which actually has given her a new lease of life.

Concludes Piaa with a smile : "Now I can say in Tamil it Ananda Kanneer or tears of joy, as the film has been declared a super hit. What more can I ask for?"

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