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Plus Two

Plus Two
Roshan, Shafna
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There are certain films which narrate some rather unconvincing stories, but told in a neat way at the same time.

Director Sheby's Plus Two is one such film.

Yes, you can easily find flaws with the way it has been told and also with the script, but there are certain things about it that you would like as well.

Prince (Roshan) is the leader of a five member gang of Plus Two students and he lives alone in a plush colony, as his parents are in the US.

Quite by chance, a beautiful girl named Meenakshi (Shafna) comes into his life and she starts living with him in his house, without the knowledge of the world outside.

Prince or his friends have no clues as to do what next and things just go out of their hands after a while.

The film is clearly inspired from Shankar's Boys during the initial few sequences and then, the story proceeds in a highly predictable way.

Prince is madly in love with Meenakshi, but the problem here is that the boys are evidently too young to take mature decisions or to think about marriage. That confusion seems to have affected the makers of the film as well.

Still, the director has packaged the film quite nicely and doesn't give the viewer much time to think, perhaps until the climax when he loses his grip in a big way. Dileep Raman's camera and Manu Rameshan's music are fine.

Roshan has a good screen presence and he looks quite good, as Prince. The boys who come as his friends have also done a decent job. Shafna looks nice in her role as the pretty girl, who has nowhere to go. The rest of the cast have limited roles to play.

Plus Two has its moments and is perhaps more enjoyable than some of the much hyped films that has come to the theatres during recent times.

Verdict: Watchable


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