Poonam Bajwa in, Vandana Gupta out!

Last Updated: Tue, Feb 18, 2014 05:37 hrs

Masth Mohabbat movie which went on floors close to the end of last year had been in controversy right after few days.

After the launch, the movie made it to headlines when a producer by name Pawan Kumar raised an issue and lodged a complaint on the movie team stating that he had already registered a title by name Mohabbat and that the title Masth Mohabbat would be hampering his movie; though the news slowly vanished from the scenes of the newsroom.

Now that the shoot of the movie has begun and is progressing stealthily in Ooty, the film has yet again managed to make it to the top billing by replacing the lead actress.

Actresses of the films getting replaced though does not come as a shocker especially in Sandalwood, the reason behind the replacement is the one to be talked about. Initially it was Vandana Gupta from Delhi who was selected as the lead actress. Vandana who was seen in few TV commercials and also in a Telugu movie titled Tulasidala was present during the launch and few scenes involving Vandana had also If sources are to be believed then it is due to Vandana’s failure in showcasing her talent in acting, that she lost her role in the movie. Brushing off this news Lovely Star Prem states that Vandana had to quit the project citing date problems. What is true and what is not still remains a mystery.

Sources also inform that the actress has been replaced by Poonam Bajwa who is quite a known face in Tamil and Telugu industry and had also been a lead actress in the Darshan starrer Thangigaagi.