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V K Prakash
Kunchacko Boban, Indrajith, Jayasurya, Sankar Ramakrishnan, Nithya Menen, Mythili, Padmapriya, Ann Augustine
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Director V K Prakash' Poppins is a potpourri of some stories, which looks at the various facets on human relationships as conceived by a filmmaker. The film is based on playwright Jayaprakash Kuloor's drama titled Pathinettu Natakangal, which was earlier made in Kannada by Prakash as Aidu Ondla Aidu. The film begins with a fantasy like tale featuring Indrajith and Padmapriya, which may have certain philosophical tones, if you watch it with a serious frame of mind. But you soon realize that beneath the façade of all those rather dramatic and philosophical lines, breathtaking visuals and some nice music, the thoughts conveyed through the film are not meant to be taken so seriously.

Hari (Sankar Ramakrishnan) is a government employee, who dreams about becoming a director and he struggles to make it happen. The stories involving Jayasurya and Meghna Raj, Siddique and Ann Augustine and Kunchacko Boban and Nithya Menen, have nothing new about it and mostly look jaded and even boring.

V K Prakash has made the film in style but it lacks much substance. Most of the performances are nothing to rave about either.

With a half-baked script that never really keeps you glued on to the narrative, this film ends up being an amateurish to a certain extent. Of late, there have been several experiments with anthologies in Malayalam, which will be connected somehow in between. These efforts can look nice if the story actually demands such a pattern. But when it is done just to include maximum stars to claim more 'satellite right' that will end up looking like this one.

Poppins is a lazy film, which takes the viewer for a ride. Unlike the sweet that it has named after, this one is disturbingly tasteless and has been made without much honesty.

Verdict: Below average


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