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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Sunday 4 February 2007

Movie Title



Subramiam Siva

Star Cast

Jeeva, Pooja, Seeman, Nagesh

Patience is a huge virtue, especially while watching a movie like Pori. It is one of those films when you feel that the popcorn tastes better than the fare on screen!

Director Subramiam Siva had last directed that rollicking entertainer Thiruda Thirudi. Here the filmmaker shows no interest in working out something new as scenes and a whole song picturisation is borrowed from his maiden film!

There is no script or narrative as the director deploys all cinematic clich?s since time immemorial. Six songs at regular intervals that are badly picturised tests your patience. Jeeva has done a larger-than-life role which just does not suit him.

Hari (Jeeva) is an unemployed youth who runs a pavement book shop in Tripiclane area. His father (Nagesh) an upright retired school teacher buys him a shop in a building with his PF money. He names it ?Periyar Bookshop? and runs it with friend Karunas. Meanwhile he constantly bumps into Pooja (Pooja), a television reporter and a love-hate relationship happens!

However, one day a Singapore based businessman (Seeman) comes and evicts him from the shop claming that the place belongs to him. Hari discovers that his father was cheated by a land mafia gang which specializes in forged documents and is hand-in-glove with revenue officials. Hari decides to take the gauntlet and unveil the evil forces behind those property grabbers.

Soon he discovers that Nama Shivayam of Vinayagam real estates is the brain behind the entire operations. How Hari becomes a one-man army and brings Nama Shivayam to justice forms the rest of the story. Writer-director Subramiam Siva has machine-tooled it like a typical masala entertainer. Pori is so glossily packaged and bereft of a soul that it might as well be punched out by a computer.

Don?t look for any solace in the music of Dhina which is a big let down. And Jeeva should stop having an introductory song in the backdrop of a busy street which he has done in Dishyum and E.

As far as acting is concerned, Jeeva has done his best and is the only saving grace, though there is an E hangover in his character. Politely put, Pori tests your patience.

Verdict: Avoidable

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