Praise the Lord


Saturday 22 March 2014

Movie Title

Praise the Lord


Shibu Gangadharan

Star Cast

Mammootty, Reenu Mathews

Debutant director Shibu Gangadharan?s Praise the Lord is based on the novel of the same title, written by Paul Zachariah. Though the book has been well appreciated, the movie adaptation is old fashioned, amateurish and hopelessly inane.

Joy (Mammootty) is a ?young? and wealthy ?Pala achayan?, happily married to a young Ancy (Reenu Mathews), with two very young kids. He hides his roving eye smartly and is living life king size!

To help his friend Sunny (Mukesh), a lawyer, Joy agrees to allow young lovers from Delhi, Samkutty (Ahmad Siddique) and Annie (Akansha Puri) to live in his house, away from the eyes of their parents, who are searching for them.

Joy, Ancy or even Sunny had not seen any ?lovers? until then. But things go horribly wrong for all, once the couple starts living there.

The book may be an interesting one for lighthearted reading, but as a film, it is a tedious watch with unnecessary detailing, boring comedy and unimpressive performances. The dialogues are pretentious and the actors are performing as if it is some comedy skit.

Perhaps influenced by the ?new generation? style, the attempt is to evoke laughter by resorting to booze and sex. It is not clear if the film was meant to be comical or as an intelligent satire.

The makers are eager to eulogize the hero and Mammootty?s efforts to act comic often looks pathetic, to say the least. Reenu Mathews has evidently mugged up her dialogues and is only focused on rendering it right, often forgetting the presence of the camera.

But the award for the most irritating performance should go to Ahmad Siddique, who performs the role of a devout Christian as if in a mimicry show.

If you don?t want to mince words, only the Lord can help the viewer as they sit through this ordeal called Praise the Lord, waiting for the film to end. This one has been tailor made for satellite rights, for those lowbrow comedy lovers or for hardcore Mammootty fans, not necessarily in this order.

Watch it only if you belong to either of these groups!

Verdict: Damp Squib