Pratap Pothen wanted a state award!

Last Updated: Wed, Feb 27, 2013 07:40 hrs

Pratap Pothen has made a sensational comeback to Malayalam films with his brilliant portrayal as the mean villain in 22 Female Kottayam and as the good doctor in Aayalum Njanum Thammil.

 Pratap thought that his acting would get an award from the state film awards committee, but they ignored his performances in these two films.

Pratap wrote in FB – “ I asked a person on the state award committee why they didn't consider me for the state awards and the reply was,  'I hated you in 22 Female Kottayam!'  Well isn't that what acting is about ...hating a character that's supposed to be hated .....:)  Well that's award enough for me”

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