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Monday 19 March 2007

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Murali, Sridevi, Nagshekhar, Anand, Doddanna, Jayanthi, Avinash

This love story is nothing but a rehash of Fazil?s hit Tamil film Kathaliku Mariyadai. Director S.Mahender has nothing new to offer story wise and could have stuck to village based films that he is famous for.

Sanju (Murali) and Mili (Sridevi) fall in love and like all Indian films parents are against their love. With opposition and threats from their respective families, Mili takes a firm decision to live with Sanju. With the help of Sanju friends they reach a village where the village chieftain gives them shelter. The chieftain also arrange for their marriage. But a day before the marriage Sanju and Mili realize that they have to respect their parents view and goes back to their homes.

At Sanju?s house, his mother is anxious to see Mili and intends to extend apology for what has happened. At this rendezvous at Mili?s house a sudden twist happens and the lovers are united by both the families.

Murali is just average and cannot carry the role with convinction. Sridevi (a flopTamil actress) looks good but lacks screen presence. Jayanthi, Bhavya, Avinash and Ramakrishna are at ease in their supporting role. S.A.Rajkumar?s songs fails to live up to the expectations. Cinematographer Chandru scores.

Verdict ? Damp Squib

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