Pretham-2 review: A rehash of the earlier formula

Pretham-2 review: A rehash of the earlier formula

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Critic's Rating: 2.5/5

Sunday 23 December 2018

Movie Title

Pretham 2


Ranjith Sankar

Star Cast

Jayasurya, Sania Iyappan, Sidhartha Siva

Two years after he came to solve some mysteries, mentalist John Don Bosco is back, as the hero of Ranjith Sankar’s Pretham 2.The sequel to the 2016 hit is set inside the mighty Varikkasseri Mana, which has been named Mangalassery Mana in the story.

As it is seen in most sequels, the settings and the backdrop is almost the same as it was in the earlier part. A group of youngsters are at the place to shoot a short film. They all belong to an online group formed by movie enthusiasts. 

The group who have come for shooting are actually meeting for the first time and have only known each other through their social media profiles. Tapas (Amith Chakkalakal), Ramanand (Sidhartha Siva), Jofin (Dain Davis), Anu (Durga Krishna) and Niranjana (Sania Iyappan) take the story ahead with their activities initially. 

Some eerie presence shown through peculiar camera angles and frightening music suggests that all is not well there. This goes on for a while and when things go out of hand, mentalist John Don Bosco (Jayasurya) takes over. 

In all fairness, with funny one liners and through references to some of the old hits from Mollywood, the journey here is pretty engaging for sure. The visuals and the music suit the mood.

Jayasurya, who has performed the surprising powers of a mentalist in a convincing way already, is the binding force here. He plays his role with confidence and charm. Dain scores with his comments, while Sidhartha Siva takes the ‘Mohanlal act’ of his character a bit too much. The rest of the cast have done their roles in a fine way.

If you have seen the earlier version, it is pretty much obvious what to expect from Pretham 2 and this one pretty much lives up to it. 

Pretham-2 review: A rehash of the earlier formula

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